Are you Software Engineer or a Programmer?

👋 Welcome, it's great to have you here. It's my first post on my blog.

Take a minute and tell me what are your thoughts about software engineering? Well by default you are a programmer, when you are creating any web or mobile application on any language. Programmer is a subset of Software Engineer. You need some extra skills to be an engineer.

S = { {P}, {E} }

Where S is software engineer, P is programmer and E stands for the extra skill set we need to be an engineer.

We can easily learn to program. Software developed by a programmer is much different than developed by an engineer. In other words programming is about giving instructions to computers to do something in order to produce output. Where as engineering is about designing, writing, testing, maintaining and scaling softwares with the purpose of solving problems for end users.

To be a software engineer you need have good knowledge of core of computer science engineering and years of programming experience. Core of computer science engineering is Operating System, DBMS, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure and Algorithms.